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Need a Loan?

In many cases having a preapproval on a mortgage loan can be the key factor so that the property in which one has interest (be it an apartment, house, commercial space, office, building, land and / or beach property) does not end in the hands of another buyer.

Before starting the search for the purchase of a property in Panama, and in case the buyer requires a mortgage loan, we always recommend that our clients have a pre-approved loan with a banking and / or financial institution. This will facilitate and exponentially accelerate the sales process by giving the customer an advantage against other potential interested buyers.

Another great advantage of obtaining a preapproval is that the buyer will know exactly the budget he/she has (depending on the amount approved by the bank) and the interest rate corresponding to the mortgage requested.

Knowing the exact budget that the customer has is also extremely useful for focusing on the properties in that price range. Thus eliminating the properties that are out of budget and focusing on the most relevant. Simplifying and accelerating the purchase process from its beginning.

The different banking institutions and / or financial institutions in Panama handle changing interest rates, so we recommend obtaining several quotes to be able to compare the different options and choose the one that suits the client the best.

Due to our vast experience with issues related to the mortgage application in the Market, we can provide additional support to our clients by connecting them directly with the appropriate executives of different banking institutions and / or financial institutions. Thus providing a more personalized service and greatly reducing process times.

We understand that these banking processes tend to take up valuable time and can be confusing and even frustrating for people without previous experience. At, VICTOR CONSTANTE REAL ESTATE will provide our support with these issues that will result in a much more pleasant and manageable buying and selling process. We are here to help you from beginning to end.